Umbral Threshold

Zu Gast im raumwerk

Umbral / Threshold

Dauer der Ausstellung 08. – 10. März 2018
Opening Donnerstag 08. März | 15 h

How soft is a goodbye on the threshold?
How many words suspended in the air lie there?
How do we measure the temperature of missing someone?
Is it possible to breathe the memory of a hug?
Is the threshold the measure of the cold distance? 
How much affection and compassion are there in an elusive gaze?
And if those eyes no longer exist, what is left?
Is knowing of the existence of a threshold the only answer?
How far can we cross the threshold of surrender without leaving a mark also on the other?
Will the splinters be the smallest but the most painful wounds?
Is it possible to see the bubble that anticipates boiling?
How much detachment does iron need to be lava?…..
How much can we give ourselves without melting… How much?
without leaving a mark on another body?  without etching it into the skin?
What smell does the mist have at dawn?
How does the aroma become immortal in our memory? ….
Can the spirit travel the universe without forgetting its responsibility to inhabit a body?
When is a soul more palpable than a body?
Why flowers smell so bad in a graveyard?
Is not decomposition the bitter prelude to birth?
How many can faith be recycled?
How many tests do we need in order to believe?
And if it turns out that we are always on the threshold?

Challenging different thresholds 5 Argentine Jewellers, question what seems to be accepted as the finitude, the solidity of the matter, the beliefs or the expected denouement of a story.

Luz Arias,Melted Frío”: We are all melted inside. Cold and the dryness keep us apart. With inner fire.

Carolina Bernachea,Bicephalas”: Two points of view united by subtle threads. A tunnel we are reluctant to enter whose process compresses us, renders us defenseless.

Cecilia Capisano,Minimalism”: Less indifference… more transformation, less materialism… more spirit, less ambition… more peace.

Mercedes Castro Corbat, “Vanitas”: The intention to see the future work of decomposition, prefigured by the force of light.

Micaela Mornaghi, “Bones”. Invisible but sensitive line of a crack. There is a before and after of a healing process that alchemically reconstructs to resurge. There’s an awakening.